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Camille Moço

#FashionPortugal - the modernity of Porto - Short 0.6

#FashionPortugal - the modernity of Porto - Short 0.6

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The Short 0.6 is entirely printed in a 100% biodegradable recycled polyester fabric (Yarnaway technology is a 100% effective method to reduce textile waste). Our print is unique and does not exist anywhere. The entire collection is built using a zero waste pattern. This piece is machine washable at 30°C max, avoid the dryer for a softer and more durable maintenance.

We thank you in advance for your trust! We wish you a good eco-conscious and responsible shopping! ♻️



All our fabrics are sourced directly from couture houses, factories, found in bocantes or directly from our stock in our second-hand clothing store. This is why some pieces are in limited quantities because we generally create with end of stock fabrics to prevent them from being thrown away or burned.

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Fabric price per meter.

Artisanal production cost.

Shopify bank taxes (From 1.8% + €0.30).

Website management and development costs.

Eco-responsible packaging.

Mobleu workshop net margin.

The cost of marketing and communication.

Portuguese VAT (23%).


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